Wrack and Ruin

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Betsy Cain is a visual artist and environmental activist living on the marsh on the coast

of Georgia. Since 2007 she and her husband, photographer David Kaminsky, have

been responding to and documenting the severe environmental impacts of a neighbor’s

state permitted nine-hundred-and-eighty-foot dock that reaches out into the shallow

tidal estuary of Tom Creek on Wilmington Island in Savannah, Ga. Their response has

been on two basic fronts: as residents concerned for the health of the estuary/salt marsh

in front of their home and as artists deeply tied to and influenced by their natural


This response has inspired action in several realms including a local community-level

conservation effort and a highly personal, artistic response, as well as a public dialogue

of philosophical and ethical dimension.

The exhibit explores both an artistic interpretation and a pragmatic exercise in

environmental conservation, raising questions and challenges to understand complex

eco-systems and the socio-political-cultural processes of how societies affect and are

affected by their natural environments.

Please read the Tom Creek Narrative.pdf and visit our website www.tomscreek.info

for more of information about this ongoing situation.

All of the work in the show is for sale. For more information or to leave any

comments please email: betsy@davidandbetsy.com.