Wrack and Ruin

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This exhibition would not have been possible

without the financial support of our Sponsors.

We are indebted to everyone who helped make

it a reality. Thank you!

This Exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Gary

Grier Miller, October 15, 1951- October 5, 2013.

Our special thanks and profound gratitude to our

neighbors Larry and Gerry Gibson.


Cole Tufts

Kevin Ryan

Dare Dukes


Tony Cobitz

Susan Krane

Karen Sachs

Jo Ann Miles

Dr John Hunt

Marilyn Fishel

Harriet Delong

Rupert Halliwell

Joni Saxon Giusti

Dorothy Nell Cain

Sarah and Dana Ross

Jackie and Ken Sirlin

Mary and Gil Peabody

Fred and Sue Williams

Gloria and Ted Maloof

Blanche Nettles Powers

Judean and Joe Drescher

Ann and Andrew Hartzell

Rosanne and Patrick O’Rear

The Honorable Louisa Abbot

Lisa Atwell and James Kirton

The Honorable A.C.T. Hannay

Center for a Sustainable Coast

Zelda and Sheldon Tenenbaum

Leslie Lovell and Francis Allen

Jane Fishman and Carmela Aliffi

Barbara Gatens and Bill Durrence

Elizabeth Norman and Mary Anna Hite

UGA Environmental Ethics Certificate Program

Alfie Vick, Georgia Power Professor in Environmental Ethics

Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm


Wrack Rack

created by Andrew Hartzell